Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cookie Decorating Fun

We love decorating cookies, especially Christmas cookies. I love watching the kids' creativity come out in their edible pieces of art. No two cookies ever come out the same no matter how hard they try.

This year's Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies were so much fun. We make these cookies every year - it's one of our many traditions. But I tried to change it up a bit this year.

I put cookie dough through a garlic press and made hair for the girls.

I also taught the kids how to use flood icing to make their cookies even prettier.

Then Little Man decided to give Daddy Reg a "Red Hot Challenge" cookie. He covered it in cinnamon candies. Then Daddy Reg had to eat it in 4 minutes. He did it in less than two. I think next year, we need to up the red hots and make him eat it in less than a minute.

The girls always take their decorating seriously and do their best to create masterpieces.

Sometimes though, it is fun to just pile the goodies on.

I was also inspired to make some cookies who were just having a bad day. I got the idea when Pioneer Woman posted a link to some very cool cookie cutters.

I instantly wanted them.I think they are genius!

However I realized that I could do this on my own using two cookie cutters that I already own.

I love the humor in the fact that they look like they had a bite taken out of them. It just cracks me up. I may need professional help.

Every year we create new memories that I know will be cherished forever.

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