Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Reflections

I’ve been reflecting over this past week and weekend. This last week was full of God revealing Himself in new ways. I love it when He does that. My heart’s desire was that the kids would stay focused on the real meaning of Resurrection Sunday and come to know God even deeper this year. It is always my heart’s desire but especially more so during holidays when it is so easy to get distracted.
We spent the week reading passages that corresponded to Holy Week. It really helped keep us focused.

Then on Friday we dyed our eggs. Dyeing eggs is one of our favorite traditions.
Friday evening, we went to Via Crucis (the way of the cross) at church. This is the first time we did this and it was absolutely a perfect way to spend Good Friday. Walking through each step of Christ’s walk with the kids and reflecting on all that Jesus went through brought so much reality to the kids. Little Man was disappointed that it ended at the sad part. It helped bring to realization how the disciples and Christ’s followers must have felt on that day; sad and defeated, not sure what to do next.

Saturday night before bed we made Easter tomb cookies. (It’s tradition for us.) The kids every year learn a bit more and this year it helped solidify what we did on Friday. If you haven’t made these with your kids before I really recommend it. It is such a great hands on lesson about the Resurrection. The cookies get baked overnight and in the morning the little tombs are hollow inside.
Sunday, we of course went to church and enjoyed a lovely Easter service. Complete with cardboard testimonies that brought me to tears. Hearing/seeing how God changes people’s lives every day is awesome. After church we hung out at home.

We hid about 16 dozen plastic eggs and the kids had a hunt of close to epic proportions. We will have Easter candy until Christmas. Not really but it seems like it.
This year more than ever before I am incredibly grateful for the cross and that Jesus conquered death so that I can have life. Life without Jesus would be void of all hope and pretty pointless.

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