Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday British Fun

Did you stay up late/get up early to watch the Royal Wedding? We didn't, but we did record it so we could watch it as soon as we got up in the morning. With 3 little girls, the prospect of watching a princess wedding was an absolute must. Besides it counts as school... it's current events, and culture studies. In our house everything counts for school.

I decided the festivities would not be complete without something fun to eat so I made some vanilla scones inspired by PW's Vanilla Bean Scones. I didnt' have any vanilla beans so I used French Vanilla coffee creamer, it did the trick.

Then for something on the more healthy side, I made individual breakfast trifles out of yogurt, granola and strawberry puree. Basically I made parfaits, but trifle is a bit more English.  They were a total hit with everyone. I got the idea for these from Nigella Lawson but then totally tweaked it a bit so that I could serve them for breakfast. I of course had coffee and I let the kids have some hot cocoa. I love making moments extra special with food like that.

The wedding was so much fun to watch. It was exciting to see the dress and the church. Both were exquisite and elegant without being overdone. I loved watching Kate as she rode to the church all excited and her wave was so cute. Then as they rode in the carriage, I thought it was so sweet and her wave settled a bit and became more royal like. It was something I noticed because I remember as a child practicing "the wave" and learning how to courtesy and walk with a book on my head. It was fun learning how to be a princess when I was little. I know that I would not have remembered how to wave if I were in her shoes today though.

I'm not normally into weddings, in fact I really don't enjoy weddings. Mine was the most simple wedding possible complete with wedding cakes from Costco. But watching today was really fun and enjoyable it made for a great way to end the week.

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