Wednesday, July 6, 2011

You Scream I Scream...

... We all scream for ice cream.
Did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month? Did you know that July 15th is national Ice Cream Day? Ronald Reagan signed the proclamation in 1984 and that just gives me one more reason why he is one of the greatest presidents in the history of the United States.

So... naturally this month we are doing a unit all about ice cream. I have found a treasure trove of resources for this and thought I would share the best of what I have found. There is something for everyone so if you are looking for something to do with the kids, here is a great start. Besides, it gives you an excuse to eat ice cream - you know because it's educational.

We All Scream For Ice cream LapBook
- Homeschool Share has a unit study/lapbook that we are using as our foundation. There are several books she uses and my library only has one of them so I am going to improvise a bit.
I is for Ice Cream - First School has some fun activities for preschoolers.

Ice Cream Unit - DLTK is one of my favorite site for little and she has some fun preschool stuff for National Ice Cream Month.

Ice Cream Theme Printables - ABC Teach has several printables from templates to color pages to word-searches.

The Ice Cream Dream - Here is a pdf of printables that cover a little bit of everything.

Ice Cream Printing - Twisty Noodle has several ice cream theme tracing worksheets.

Ice Cream Math Challenge - Scholastic has a fun printable math problem. It's great for those learning money.

Ice Cream Addition - Here is a printable addition/coloring game.

Ice Cream Coloring Pages - More than just ice cream there are summer theme coloring pages here too. Actually this site is full of all sorts of coloring pages, its my go to for color pages.

Ice Cream Info - California Milk has some ice cream information.

More Ice Cream Info - This site has so much stuff on it, I haven't explored all of it yet.

Ice Cream in a Bag - If you haven't done this, you should. It is really fun to learn the basics of ice cream science. Here is another site that has some more science info about ice cream and rock salt.

Ice Cream Chemistry - I found this page with some more advanced questions for chemistry. It looks like a great spring board for older kids.

Ice Cream Soda Science - We did this activity when we were studying the three types of mater. We will probably do this again, you know for review. 

Ice Cream Art - This site has a great pop art activity.

The Ice Cream Stand - This looks like a fun activity to teach finance and business skills.

Ice Cream Time Line - A lot of history on this site. It touches on pretty much all the aspects of the history of how ice cream came about.
- Here are some fun ice cream facts.

Ben and Jerry's - I couldn't have an ice cream post without a link to them. Yummmmm

Dryer's Taste Tester - This is interesting about the guy who has one of the best jobs on the planet.

There are some fun online math games the kids can enjoy too.
Cone Crazy
Ice Cream Shop
Minko's Milkshake Shoppe

I know that there is so much here. I know we can't do it all but we will keep busy with all of what I have found.

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