Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Homeschool Planning

Where has the summer gone? Really I want to know. It seems like it just started and now it is almost over. Actually for us the weather didn't even start feeling summer like until about the beginning of July, we had a winter storm at the end of June and mid July was just like spring. So weather wise, I guess summer did just begin.Crazy weird weather can totally throw you off balance when you have all your plans in place.

August marks new beginnings at least on the school front. For homeschoolers and non homeschoolers alike. There are a lot of Back to School Sales everywhere you look and many parents (and teachers) are scrambling to get everything together for the new school year. I am one of those who are scrambling. I remember when I was little and referencing the new year, not in January like all the adults, but at the start of the new school year. Did anybody else do that? Just a random thought I had.

August is the Not Back-to-School BlogHop at Heart of the Matter Online. It's the 3rd year and I love doing this hop. It is so much fun to connect with other moms and see the plans they have for the new year. At Weblink Education, Valerie is hosting a Back to School event. Every day she is addressing different issues. If you register today (8/3), she is having a big giveaway tomorrow. CurrClick is having a back to school sale too. I love CurrClick because they have so many downloadable resources that are free and also a huge amount of curriculum that is so reasonably priced that you can just download and go. (And if you click on the link on my blog sidebar, I get a small credit for your purchase.) I love not having to pay for shipping or waiting for the UPS guy. Even though one of our favorite times of the year is when the boxes of books come in the mail. It's like a mini Christmas when that box of school books arrives. I just can't wait to dive into them.And the kids if only for a brief moment are excited to try out the new school books.

I'm a bit behind this year though. We are just finishing up our stuff from last year. Normally, I would have just put everything away and pick up where we left off, but we were so close to the end, that I decided to press on. However, summer fun has overridden school time more than once and we have a bit more to get finished. There is just so much fun to pack into the summertime weather. We went to the lake with some friends on Monday, it was so much fun. Little G had never seen a beach (even though it wasn't the ocean, it counts when you are 4) and the kids really enjoyed the lake.

Our plan right now is to start the last week of August or the first week of September, depending on how much planning a prep work I get done between now and then.

Later today I plan on having my first BlogHop entry posted about this year's curriculum. I hope I can get everything done. But as everyone knows, the best laid plans...


  1. It's so hot here that we are absolutely kicking it into full swing next week. Too miserable to do anything else!

  2. Oh my goodness Sheri! I've seen the reports, you guys must be miserable.


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