Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Constitution Day Prep and Planning

September 17, is Constitution Day. I started to do a little research to get some ideas of what we can do to learn more about the Constitution and those who fought, toiled, persevered and risked everything to bring forth this more perfect union. There are an overwhelming amount of sites filled with ideas, worksheets, activities and lessons for Constitution Day. Below is a list of links that I found that were solid and full of great info and resources. I am really excited about next week as we study about the foundation of our country. US History is one of our most favorite subjects and I know the kids are excited about what we will do.

Constitution Facts has a page dedicated to Constitution Day. Here you can order a free copy of the Pocket Size Constitution Book along with so many other things.

Library of Congress Teacher Resources This is the Library of Congress site. There are a lot of useful resources, lesson plans and links on this site.

Constitution Center has an interactive Constitution where you can look up all sorts of topics and where it is in the Constitution. This site is great for the older kids and any curious adult. They also have a Constitutional Timeline that is really cool.

Congress for Kids is a really fun site for the kids to explore.

Center for Civic Education has some really great lesson plans for all grade levels laid out.

The National Archives has the Charters of Freedom you can download high res images of some of the most important documents in US history here. Just to see the images of these documents is cool. I hope to one day get to see them in person. They also have Teacher Resources for teaching on the Constitution.

Ben's Guide to US Government for Kids is one of my favorite sites. It has so much about our government broken down into grade levels. A great resource for anything having to do with history.

Homeschool Helper has a free Constitution Lapbook for those who love lapbooking.

Happy planning.

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