Friday, April 20, 2012

P52 Things That Grow

It's time for my Photography Challenge Post for the week. This week the theme is Things That Grow.

We have so much stuff growing around here with spring in full bloom. We have more stuff that we don't want growing than we do things we actually want right now. Time for actually getting everything in order for the growing season just hasn't happened yet. I really hope it does soon before it gets to late.

Princess K came in the house with a tree she pulled out of the ground. That's right she is so strong she pulled a tree right out of the ground.

I know, I know that is how tall tales start.


( I pulled a tree <----- T-h-i-s -- B-i-g -----> )

P52 16

But really here is the tree. It is just a small one. Some silly squirrel must have buried this little nut last fall and completely forgot where they buried it. We have some absent minded squirrels around here. It's much smaller than the one Daddy Reg pulled that was actually about 4 feet tall. That's right we have trees growing like weeds right now.

It's fun joking that she is so strong she can pull a tree right out of the ground though.

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