Saturday, August 18, 2012

P52 Ice

P52 - Ice

We are in the middle of some hot, hot weather all month. You know it is bad when 95 is considered "a cool down" and I am thankful that in the forecast there are no 100 temps. That hopefully means we are approaching the end of summer weather. (One can hope, right?) One of the kids' go to summer snacks is shaved ice. Yes, we consider ice a snack during the summer. I had found some cute snow-cone cups at Target at the beginning of summer and we have some flavored syrups for Italian Sodas so for a treat they got snow-cones with syrup on Friday after we finished our school day. (If you are wondering what I use to make snow cones click on over to this post.)

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  1. Great photo! My daughters enjoy shaved ice whenever we have gone to a fair this year. We are having extreme temperatures as well. Had a respite this past week with cooler temps in the 70s before it heads back up to the 90s later this week. Hope the weather cools down in your area so you can have a little break from the heat.


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