Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Oh My! Bees!

If you have read my blog for any amount of time, chances are you know I absolutely love, love, love photographing bees.

Bees are one of God's amazing little creations that always fascinate me.

So imagine my excitement and complete surprise when I had the opportunity to take a shot that looks like this on Monday.


Yep that is not cropped, it is a huge swarm of bees! Oooh happy dance!

Now the surprise is the location of these bees. They weren't on a tree or even the side of a building.

Looks like they are hanging on for dear life.

Can you figure it out?

They were on a trailer hitch. How crazy is that?

Okay so it gets even crazier. I first see these and start taking pictures but had my small lens so I run into the house and grab my telephoto lens so I can take pictures from a safer distance. After a few minutes later I run in and tell the kids to come see this. While hubby is contacting a bee keeper so we can get them removed.

Now here is where it gets even more crazy.

They were gone!

Yep, this is all that remained of the bees when the kids came out to see.

When I got back in, hubby said that the bee keeper said they could be "couch surfing" and to wait a day before calling him back if they hadn't moved on.

I guess the bees decided that wasn't the best place to build a hive after all.

I'm linking up with Kent Weakley for Sweet Shot Tuesday. Head on over to see one amazing Blue Moon Photograph. It's breathtaking.

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