Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Nature Walk

Last post I had mentioned a nature walk we recently took. It was supposed to be a walk full of insect discoveries and plant discoveries however the objective of the nature walked changed a bit.

We were met with this almost eerie scene were there was obvious death with life standing firm in the midst of the destruction. It seemed so symbolic of so many things to me. Many life lessons can be pulled from a scene where destruction from fire is evident but yet a lone tree full of life stands tall in the midst. The dried vegetation you see around it is actually really sparse with lots of charred area but with the angle it looks more filled in.

While I know the beginning of new life lay below the surface just waiting for spring and that new growth will be so much more amazing, I am still sad to see the scaring from the fire.

P 52 Week 38 - Birds/Flying

I have never seen so many turkey vultures in one spot before. There were probably 10 of these guys flying overhead the whole time we were there. I attempted to capture a few shots of these guys and this was the best one I was able to get.

It was clear that there were a lot of poor creatures who were no longer enjoying life if there were so many scavengers hanging out. Then we saw evidence of that up and down the bank of the little lake. It was making me so sad that everywhere I looked, I saw death. We saw skeletal remains of many fish and birds all along the bank. There were still some plants growing but there was not the abundance of life we usually see.

And then just as we were at the end of our walk, we saw that so many of the ducks we had seen last spring were still around. All the little ducklings were just now starting to get their color. We were so excited to walk by their nesting area and see that in the midst of it all they were doing well. Here are just a few of those ducks we saw. Swimming together, playing together and getting really curious about my camera.

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