Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Tradtions

I’ve been thinking a lot about our family traditions this week. There are things we do every year during Christmas time. One thing we always do, is drive around to look at all the fun light displays while sipping hot cocoa. This year as we were driving around Little G was excited, you could hear her oohing and aahing at the displays and even at one point she exclaimed one as being “spectacu’ar”. I love it when my little one uses big words like that.

We also always decorate cookies and bake as many yummy treats we can fit into the month. Then whatever we can’t fit in we just bake in January. We love baking, in our house it’s not Christmas without a powdered sugar mess in the kitchen. This year we have baked but not yet decorated. We are hoping to change that this weekend.

Making Nativity scenes and other crafts all month makes this month so much fun and very glittery. But what’s a little glitter during Christmas?

Something I think of doing every year is sending Christmas cards with a family photo. It seems to be a tradition that is declining and I have never even succeeded in sending them out once in all my adult years. One year I actually bought some but then never took them out of the box. (Way to follow through, right?) I love getting cards from friends and family, each year and sadly I have never returned the favor. I have really decided that next year will be different. But then again I decided that last year too. So who knows maybe next year I will actually send them out. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Christmas Card Pic 2012

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  1. nice photos!! Have a wonderful holiday!!

  2. visiting some of last week's Project 52 before the next week starts! :)
    JOY!! What a wonderful reminder! I never send out Christmas cards, and didn't even manage to get a family picture this season yet! :) I love the creativity of your shot!


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