Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Treasure Hunt

Wednesday night we took our junior high group downtown to give burritos to the homeless and the hungry. It was a chilly night and was raining right before we left but stopped as we headed out. The excitement of all the students was really overwhelming. It isn’t the first time we have gone downtown on a treasure hunt to bless anyone we found. Showing God’s love by meeting a simple need with no strings attached is the best way to show the gospel. Not everyone responds the same. Some actually won’t take something from you or give you a nasty look. But the ones who receive, those are the ones who you touch in a very real way. 

Before we left the church, we spent some time praying and asking God to lead us to those who needed some burrito lovin’. As we were praying students got words or pictures in their minds. One student got a lion and another got a monk. We went by a bookstore with lion in the name and there was a guy there taking shelter under the awning next to the store. So we gave him a burrito and wished him a Merry Christmas. He was very thankful and wished us a Merry Christmas as well. Then we walked toward a place in town that has monk in the name. Just past the business is a bike rack area and there was a girl sitting there. Her face lit up in shock that she would be offered anything like that. A gift with no strings attached. She took the burrito so gratefully as we said Merry Christmas. These could be coincidences or these could be more. I think these are more. We asked God to show us where to go to spread His love and He did. There were people right in the areas that we went. And honestly the bookstore was across from the direction we were originally heading and the business was several blocks down and not where the homeless would be hanging since the place was still open.

It was an amazing night. Feeding those who were hungry and praying for those who wanted prayer. Talking to those who wanted to talk and singing Christmas carols in front of a Jack in the Box with a group of homeless people. While we are celebrating the greatest gift this month, I challenge you to love someone with no strings attached who you would not normally even give a second thought to. You don’t have to do something like what we did. Just be aware of those around you and ask God to show you someone who you can show love to.

Love with no strings attached, that is Jesus; that is the gospel.


  1. Hi Reg
    I hope I have your name right!! I have linked up after you at Lisa's and am so glad to meet you! Your words remind of the Scripture which says that our Pappa God would answer even before we ask. He is so faithful! May He bless you and your group of students as you spread His love this Christmas!
    Hugs and love to you all XX

    1. Hi Mia, yes our Papa God is so very faithful to answer before we ask. He always knows before we do. Thank you so much for visiting. Merry Christmas!


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