Saturday, December 8, 2012

Blessed Birthday

I am blessed beyond belief. Yesterday was my birthday and I didn’t do any real celebrating. On purpose. The girls gave me a homemade gift which I cherish because of all the love behind it and I was loved on in facebook land by friends and family. I got a few phone calls and a visit from my mother in law. I worked and went about my day as I would normally. I washed hubby’s work uniform and did the dishes. I hung out with the kiddos and made dinner. I answered work calls and did the daily tasks that need to get done when rent is due at a storage facility. We did some school work which was just our Names of Jesus study and I put up a few decorations. I did some housework while the kids worked outside at clearing the small branches that had fallen all over the yard during the last storm we had. And I felt blessed all day. 

I am blessed because hubby as a job that makes me need to wash his uniform. I am blessed that I have food to prepare meals with, which in turns gives me dishes to wash. I am blessed that I can give the kids some extra Christmas money for doing the work they did today. I am blessed that I have a yard full of trees that sometimes can’t handle the wind. I am blessed that I can teach my kids at home and just focus on Christmas (and Hanukkah this year) and not have them worrying about all the other stuff even though we do normal get in some math and reading. I am blessed that I have a job that allows me to stay home so that I can have that time with the kids. And I am so blessed that I have my family. Today I really was able to feel blessed for all the everyday things that make each day happen. And that my 6 year old gave me a big huge kiss for my birthday. 

I don’t need flowers or chocolates or a special dinner for my birthday. In fact it’s really not my style. I really just need my family to love on and that makes my birthday the best for me. 

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