Saturday, January 4, 2014

Refreshment for the Soul

For the past couple of years I have made a very conscientious habit of reading my Bible every morning. I realized that being the mom that God intended for me to be was only possible if I spent time with Him in the morning. Being encouraged and strengthened through the Word on a daily basis is so vital to me being able to do more than just survive my day. For Christmas I received the devotional book Jesus Calling as a gift. I don’t read a lot of devotionals but I started reading it with the expectation that Jesus was going to reveal something new to me this year.

On Tuesday morning I sat down in my favorite chair curled up with my favorite blanket, my cup of coffee, my Bible and the devotional. My mind was already speeding through my to-do list. I was thinking about how to accomplish what needed to get done in the most time effective manner so I could get it all in. In fact I was ready to speed read my way through my time with God just so I could tackle the list that seemed to be growing before the day actually started. I open up the book to the day’s reading and I read something that hit me like a piecing arrow. It pierced me deep with conviction.

“As you spend time with Me, your thoughts tend to jump ahead to today’s plans and problems. Bring your mind back to Me for refreshment and renewal.” ~ Jesus Calling

Refreshment and renewal for my soul; isn’t that why I spend time with my Savior? Refreshment is sustenance or nourishment. If I rush through it is like I am going through the drive through. Yes, I ate but did I get nourished? Renewal is being restored and replenished. If I am speed reading my way through my quiet time and not keeping my mind on what is eternal then I will not be able to do more than just survive my day. I will start running on empty or worse on fumes and I will be starving in my soul.

Every year so many moms make the resolve to spend more time in the Word. To get up early to have that time with God that we so desperately need if want to do more than just survive our day. It is an important time that is hard for moms to carve out. Especially new moms who are just trying to get more than 2 hours of sleep a night. I was there I know how hard it is. Now that the kids are older it is still hard but for new reasons. No matter what stage of mommyhood you are in, the effort must be made to bring your mind to the Lord for renewal. It is so important to be Mary and not Martha. The tasks no matter how important they are pale in comparison to what God has planned for your day.

Are you taking the time in the morning to bring your mind back to Him and to listen intently to His encouraging Word? It is a Word that will equip you for your day in a way that nothing else (even the world’s best cup of coffee) will do.

“Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her.” Luke 10:38-42

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