Friday, June 6, 2014

Baby Chick Adventures

Baby chicks! A little over a month ago we embarked on a new adventure. We decided to start raising chickens! I spent over a month reading every book at the library and started researching online so we could know everything we needed to know about chickens before we even got them. What I have learned so far… as with raising children there is a ton of advice out there and until you actually become the owner of chickens you can only learn so much in advance. The rest just comes with experience.

We inherited a rather large coop that is almost 200 square feet; it just needed some – okay - a lot of cleaning and a bit of fixing up. And we needed to put up some fencing to make a run. We have been spending our weekends working on the coop and run and making sure our chickens are as happy as they can possibly be.

We bought 5 baby chicks all a different breed mostly so that I could tell them all apart. Each of the kids got to choose one and I chose the last one. The funniest part of the whole thing is seeing how each one of them is like a little chicken counterpart to the kid that chose it. Their personalities are almost completely the same.

I decided to start a whole series about this grand new adventure. We are all enjoying observing all their personalities come out. And I am really having a blast watching the girls try to train them to sit, stay and come. They have learned the word treat, very well and love it when we come bearing gifts of fruits and veggies. What about you? Do you have chickens? Any advice for a novice chicken owner?

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