Monday, June 16, 2014

Meet The Girls AKA Chickens

Meet the flock! When we determined it was time to buy chickens we decided to go to a friend’s feed store in a nearby town. It was a great excuse to go see them and get all we needed to keep the cute fuzz balls alive. Well... now, they aren’t so fuzzy but they sure are cute full of feathers. They love to do everything as a group and rarely will you see any of them doing their own thing. If they are, the others quickly follow suite as not to be left out of any of the fun. If you didn't know, chickens are very social and if you plan on raising chickens plan on having at least 3 chickens. (That way if something happens to one of them you still have two.)

Sparky - Rhode Island Red
Our Rhode Island Red named Sparky the oldest of the little chicks. Our son named her and as of late, the girls have taken to calling her Sparkle. She is the one in charge of our little flock. She will actually herd everyone into the coop if she suspects danger. And she seems to always be on guard keeping everyone safe. When she is ready to roost for the night I have seen her pacing and calling everyone to get them all to come in so she can sleep. It is quit amusing. She just started to try clucking which is hilarious to hear.

Penny - Ideal (Like a California White)

Our white and black Ideal named Penny Peckerton, loves to preen all the time. I have so many pictures of her preening her feathers. She loves hanging out with the humans and if we bend down she will jump right up on our hands, arms, shoulders, back or lap (if we are sitting). Then she will tell us all about her day. She was like that from the beginning. Our first night with her was like having an infant in the house. She would peep loudly calling out for us to come. As soon as she saw us she would stop peeping. Sooo incredibly cute and annoying all at the same time. Over all she is very docile and friendly and extremely gentle.

Daisy - Buff Orpington

Our Buff Orpington Daisy is one of the most docile chickens on the planet. She loves to be held and doesn’t mind any of the crazy antics my youngest might be up to with her. If you are anywhere close to being able to be perched on, she will perch on you. Even your head if you bend down while she is wanting some attention. When she was still a fuzz ball she would fall asleep mid stride, bite or whatever she was doing it didn’t matter to her. Such an easy going chicken.

Vanellope - Speckled Sussex

Our Speckled Sussex Vanellope is always busy and hates to be in one place for long. Catching this little chicken has proven to be quite the hilarious spectacle. She loves to run free but enjoys it when we are nearby. When we first got the chicks she was fourth in of the pecking order however little Oreo challenged her and now she is at the bottom. She got depressed (yes chickens can be depressed) for a few days. We would go out and give her treats first and spend extra time with her. Now she is a happy little hen again.

Oreo - Black Sex-Link

Our Black Sex-Link, Oreo is the youngest of the bunch, though from the beginning she has totally been able to her hold her own with the older ones. She seems to be the most distractable one of our little flock. She will be off doing her thing and then when she realizes that she isn’t with the rest of the chickens anymore and will quickly run to catch up.

It is amazing how each chicken has their own personality and preferences. It is so fun watching my girls with them and I love that they will go out to the coop just to hang out with the chickens during the day. All of the kids are learning the ropes of chicken keeping and I cannot believe how fond of these little chicks I am.

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