Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mommyhood Perseverance

As mentioned in a previous blog, Vincenzo does not eat salads; in fact, there are very few produce items he will eat. Every meal I prepare includes some type of produce. I encourage my kids to eat as healthy as they can, in spite of several little systems of sticker charts to see how much they are eating in each food group and always talking about how healthy fruits and vegetables are, I still cannot convince my son to eat a lot of produce. We do not really ever do dessert in our house, except very occasionally. I refuse to use dessert as a reward for eating healthy food. I do not want to encourage the kids to eat everything on their plate no matter how full they get just so they can eat something they will enjoy more. As parents, Mario and I feel it important not to teach our kids to overeat but to eat until they are no longer hungry. Our rule has always been we make the meals - you can choose to eat it or choose to be hungry. Okay, so I set everyone up for the happenings tonight at dinner. We had pizza as I decided not to cook tonight. I included raw baby carrots for dinner so a vegetable would be eaten. I did not expect Vincenzo to eat his carrots as I have only seen him eat one since he turned 3 years old when he boycotted all fruits and veggies. Tonight - HE ATE THEM ALL!!!!! Yep he joyfully ate all the carrots. I have been persevering in this for a long time. I have always been very stubborn to make anything work. I was seriously starting to think that my son is more stubborn than I am. However, today he decided to eat the carrots all by himself without me begging him to eat just one. I persevered and saw the reward.

I have been teaching my kids to persevere in everything. I am always encouraging them to finish the job, project, or whatever until it is done. With anything, it is easier to convince them to finish something fun over something not as fun. Sometimes they will want to quit a board game before the end but I am there telling them they need to finish, just for the principle of teaching them to “keep on keeping on” (to quote Veggie Tales). It is important always to finish everything in life. I want them to be known as people who keep their word. I know that if they are finishers in everything then they will be known for being reliable in adulthood. Another way they can emulate Jesus in everyday life.

I am so glad that Jesus finished everything. What if he decided he just could not go through with dying for our sins? How scary of a thought is that?!? We would all be destined for eternal damnation. However, Jesus is so much a finisher that he suffered through torture and death so that we may always be forgiven. He is a “man of his word” too, he did just has he promised and conquered death 3 days later! I know I still need to work on persevering in everything. Mommyhood is good at teaching me to persevere. To get up every 2-3 hours to feed the baby and still wake up in the morning to take care of the other munchkins. To keep doing laundry even though it seems like that will never have an ending (the dishes have that same problem). And most importantly, to keep on keeping on teaching and training my kids no matter how hard it may be. I will never stop training them to be responsible people who are living Bibles for all to “read.” I know in the grand scheme of things my son eating some carrots is not that huge but, the underlying factor that he knows I will always be consistent and will not give up on training him is so huge. It is another example he can remember when he thinks about how I will not give up on him - more importantly is that he is learning how God will not give up on him.

“So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.”
Hebrews 10:35 & 36

“May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance.”
2 Thessalonians 3:5

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