Monday, November 19, 2007

A Thankful Heart

It is Thanksgiving week. Thanksgiving, the one day a year we set aside to be thankful. It should mean so much more to America than it does but alas, it means eating lots of food continuously until you pass out, football, and the beginning of the Christmas shopping frenzy. However, back in 1621 I am sure none of that was on their mind. I know they were Thankful that God gave them favor with the Native Americans who showed them how to survive and work the land. They were thankful they were able to grow enough food for the winter to come. They were truly from the depths of their hearts thankful that they survived. It was not an easy trip to get here to the New Land and it was not easy starting absolutely from scratch with basically nothing.

Am I sincerely thankful? Or, am I only half-heartedly thankful while I secretly want more or better things in life?

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