Monday, January 21, 2008

Location, location, location

So… Baby G has taken up a new habit. I have to completely laugh at pretty much all she does because if I do not, I would probably pull all my hair out. She has decided that everything needs to be relocated to a new area in the house. Nothing is to stay in the same room; in fact, if possible, each item needs to be located at the opposite end of the house. She decided that Mommy (that’s me) needs more exercise running from one end of the house to the other in order to get anything done. And, Mommy does not really know where things belong, but Gia, she does.

Items I have found relocated include every plastic kid cup in the one cupboard she can reach (after all, it is the kids’ cupboard). The bibs and kitchen towels now belong strewn on the floor in every room. I caught her grabbing them out one in each hand and running from room to room dropping them on the floor and then getting more. I think she was trying to make them fly or may be she was trying to fly… not sure here. Daddy’s dirty socks do not belong in the laundry anymore, just the socks mind you; belong in the bottom drawer of his nightstand. And her current milk sippy cup, it now belongs in Mommy’s bathroom in the cupboard under the sink where the toilet paper is kept. Oh and the toilet paper no longer belongs under the sink but on the living room coffee table. The girls clothes do not belong in their dresser either, they belong all over the floor in the girls’ room so that you can walk on a sea of pink and purple. And last but certainly not least, the bathroom garbage does not belong in the garbage can, no it belongs in the………………………… toilet! Of course, why didn’t I know that? I caught her the other day running out of my room with a white streak behind her, I was unloading the dishwasher so I did not register that the white streak was not just the trail she leaves behind from running so fast like in the comic books. As I walk into the living room to check on her I discover that the white streak was, you guessed it, the toilet paper from the roll in the bathroom. She thought it was soooooo cool that it was following her.

So okay, I am really struggling with training her. All three of the other kids were easier than this. All of them really learned quickly that no means no. With Gia, it is entirely different. She tests every boundary over and over again. Even Vincenzo was easier and man was he difficult to train. He has so much energy that even his pediatrician and the nurse on separate occasions have said repeatedly that they have never seen anyone with more energy than him. And neither have I after teaching preschool for 5 years, you would think I would have seen at least one kid with more energy than him but nope, he takes the cake. And he was easier to train than Gia. He understood (and still does) that when Mommy and Daddy said no we mean it. I know that she is learning and that she is being trained she shows me every day one small success. They are just really tiny successes. I will just rejoice in those knowing that in the end all of my hard work will pay off. Until then I will just laugh at the silliness.


  1. LOL LOL LOL........oh I sooooooo hear you girl. Jennifer does the same type stuff.........that and scattering fruit loops to all corners of the world. I guess she figures if we must go unto all the world and share the Gospel we should also try and do so with our fruit loops.......LOL. I find them in the strangest places. Oh and as for the sippy cups.......if one goes missing you better go look for it or you will find it days later when only someone with a special degree in handling toxic substances can touch it, for it will have turned into some sometimes other than the lactaid it used to be.......LOL.

  2. Been there done that with the sippy cups. I have on many occasion found them in the bottom of the toy tub several days after they have gone missing in the middle of the summer. One in the backseat of the car rolled under the seat I found it a few weeks later. (That was so gross I decided to spend the $5 for a new one.) I have found that to clean them you soak them in vinegar for a bit and then scrub with baking soda and usually that takes care of the odor. I highly suggest any attempt to clean a lost sippy cup is done fully adorn in a haz-mat suit. lol
    Good luck with the fruit-loop hunt.:) I stopped Gia with goldfish just yesterday, I so hope she doesn't decide to share her fishes like your little one. lol


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