Monday, March 17, 2008

Bible Time With the Kiddos

This weekend was a fun weekend. We did Bible on Saturday because Friday got away form us and we decided it would be better just to do it on Saturday and we were right. I am taking the kids through Genesis right now. We read chapters 4 and 5 and discussed them thoroughly. We talked about how God looked at Cain and Abel’s hearts and God gave Cain a chance to do what was right. However, Cain acted out of anger and killed his brother.

Our little man has been having a problem in that area. When his little sisters do things to make him angry, he has been hitting them instead of making the wise choice to keep his cool and come talk to us. I love how God times everything perfectly. He was able to understand why what he is doing is unacceptable and why he needs to learn to control his temper. What a wonderful discussion.

Chapter 5 is a great math lesson. Little Man was able to add the age of Adam when he had Seth to how many more years Adam lived after Seth’s birth to tell the age of Adam when he died before we read the verse that said how old Adam was. He did all of the math for all of the men mentioned in chapter 5 in his head. It was really fun watching him get excited when he heard that what he came up with was correct.

For our lapbooking, we are going to write up our family tree. I have not figured out what I am going to do for Cain and Abel yet. We have a mini book for creation, a sequence book for the fall so I want to do something different for Cain and Abel’s story, but have not pinned down just what at this point. I am looking forward to the family trees we will be making tomorrow. Today was a fun day that included reading green eggs and ham, and making shamrock cookies during Baby G’s nap this afternoon.

On Sunday, we read Matthew 21 together for Palm Sunday. How exciting it is for me to watch my kids grow in their understanding of the Bible. When I read the Bible with the kids, I use their NIrV Study Bible. It is a great Bible for young readers and has little study questions throughout. We got to talk about how the children took part in shouting Hosanna as Jesus rode in on a donkey and then again at the temple.

I love spending time with the kids in the Word. It is always such a rewarding time.


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  1. Bible time on Saturday sounds like a great idea!


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