Friday, March 14, 2008

Homeschool Favorites

This weeks topic for the Heart of the Matter's weekly meme is:
Your Favorite Homeschool Moment experienced by your homeschooling family.

I spent half of this week thinking about it and realized I don't have just one. Every time one of the kids grasps a new concept I get so excited. I really enjoy watching their faces as they realize that they are reading. Every time my 7 year old realizes that she is actually reading a book I want to cry tears of joy. Reading is a tremendous struggle for her.
My son loves reading about U.S. history so much. I love watching him as he gets excited about learning about our presidents. I love so much to watch him when it is time to vote. One year, they did not have any paper sample ballots at our polling place because they were using the electronic voting things. He was so upset that he did not get to vote he was crying. As we were walking outside he declared rather forcefully, "It is my right as an American to vote! I want to vote!" He was 7 years old.
I know that if he was in public school, he would not have that fervent passion about his country or his rights. I know that if my daughter was in public school, she would hate reading and would be put in the special ed class for slow readers and probably be made fun of. Instead everyday is my favorite homeschool experience as I get to watch my kids learn and grow in all they do.
So I do not have just one favorite moment, I have many. That is how it should be, enjoying the blessings God had given me every day.



  1. I love the experiences you have shared! What a blessing our children are!

  2. So true... the joys of excitement and aha moments are pretty wonderful to have....


  3. Thanks for sharing...these types of moments make it worth it!

  4. That is so sweet about the voting!

  5. Great post! It is so true that the little moments all add up.

  6. Southpaugh Homeschool - HeidiMarch 14, 2008 at 8:27 PM

    That was so cute!! I would have LOVED to see your little one on voting day!! : ) That was too funny!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh yes, it's so exciting when they start reading. Reading finally clicked with one of my daughters. She is improving quickly. So glad that she is learning at home and going at her own pace. Our local school would have held her back a grade. It's so good that she didn't have that happen to her.


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