Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Weblink Wednesday - April Lesson Ideas

April is less than a week away and so I decided instead of waiting until the last minute to add special days to my plans for the month, I would start now. Below are some things I am going to incorporate into this month and links that I found to go along with the days.

April is
National Poetry Month so, I thought it would be fun to do some Shel Silverstein poetry and I found Shel Silverstein.com!

April 1st is of course
April Fool's Day and I want to tell the kids about the history behind why anyone would want to have a day to make fools of other people and I found the history of April Fools Day. So, we are going to learn about its history.

April 02, 1792
is the Anniversary of the U.S. Mint & April 20th - 26th is National Coin Week, with this in mind I thought it would be fun to teach my son who loves history about the U.S. Mint and found The US Mint Kids site.

April 16, 1867 was Wilbur Wright's Birthday, it only makes sense to have a paper airplane day and found a site with a bunch of paper airplane designs called the Best Paper Airplanes.

I hope that gives you some ideas of fun things to do with your kiddos this month. Other days I would like to do something with but still need to find stuff for are the first day of Passover is April 20th and I am planning on reading to the kids the story of the first Passover. And, Earth Day is April 22nd. I have no idea if I can fit everything into this month. But, if I can, I am ready. (well, almost)

For more great links other homeschool moms have found head over to Homeschooling With Encouragement.



  1. That was a great idea. I didn't know that mint had been here that long. Thanks for sharing.

  2. great links this week!!

  3. Great sites. My son will really love the paper airplane one. He can't make those things fast enough. And, LOL, I learned something from you. I had no idea April was Poetry month. ;-)

  4. This will come in handy! Thanks...

    We have a ton of birthdays in April... including myself and my daughter Christian... sweet 16! *Ü*

    Thanks, Im saving your post to a link so I can get to it later... the kids leave Friday for Spring break... Ill take the time to read through and plan a few fun things...


  5. Thanks for the info and the links!

  6. Wow! You put a lot of thought into these links and it is such a blessing to us. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. So...
    My birthday is April Fools Day, and I never knew...
    Thanks for the clever ideas!

  8. Fun! Thanks for sharing. I like to be able to look up something quick for the day...

    Thanks for sharing :)


  9. Great links! Thanks for sharing them! DH will love the paper airplanes site! :0)

  10. Love the paper airplane site! Thanks for sharing!

  11. How funny you would post a paper airplane site this week. Sunday Nate was making paper airplanes for the kids at church, and one little girl asked me to make one for her. I told her I did not remember how to make a good one, but that I would find some instructions this week, and next Sunday when we have church at the park and fellowship bbq afterwards, I would bring paper and instructions and we could make planes! I hadn't gone online yet to do that, and now you've done it for me. So, thanks for helping. Once again, you're a lifesaver! Love you!

  12. Hi! Have you heard the news? Come by my blog and take a look at what Weblink Wednesday has been blessed with!!! It's my BIG announcement for the week.

    Have a great day.



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