Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Weblink Wednesday - Pencil Puzzles

It's Wednesday already!?! I cannot believe it. This week is just flying by so quickly for me.

So this week I wanted to share a fun link that isn't a "school" site but I use it often to print out fun mazes, and number puzzles for the kids to do when they want something to break up the normal school stuff. The name of the site is KrazyDad.

My kids love doing Kidoku (Sudoku for kids) for warm ups first thing and this site has so many in different levels. It also has puzzles perfect for moms who love the challenge of a Sudoku or Kakuro (aka Cross Sums), or Anticrostic. I print out puzzles for myself often too. Happy solving.


For more wonderful sites homeschool moms have found, head on over to Homeschooling with Encouragement. And for a wonderful website filled with organized lists of weblinks that are homeschool mom tested head on over to Weblink Education. This site is amazing!



  1. Cute site. I know my kids will love this one!!! Thanks for sharing.


  2. I never figured out how to play that Sudoko or however you spell Sounds like a fun site though. Thanks

  3. Great site! Thank you for sharing!
    Be blessed!

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