Friday, May 30, 2008

Ink Wars

What do you do when Hubby leaves an ink pen in his shirt pocket and said pen explodes in your 5 month old dryer? You forgive him of course and then try everything possible to get the ink out of your new dryer and the entire load of laundry. I got my washer and dryer for Christmas so it is still new. And of course it is the super-size so the amount of inked clothes is quite a lot.
I spent yesterday trying desperately to get the ink out of my dryer. I used Spray'n Wash, bleach, carpet stain remover, and Mr Clean Magic Eraser - Not at the same time. It mostly worked. I still have some ink in the dryer but nothing like it was. The clothes, I covered in Spray'n Wash and washed them. Then I covered them in hairspray and washed them. There is still ink in the clothes but I am hoping that another treatment will get the rest of the ink out.
I am slowly preparing myself to mourn the loss of 3 of my favorite shirts. I am resolving myself to the fact that I will have to buy a few items for the girls too.
If anyone knows of a trick I haven't tried by all means tell me. :) I am still hoping that I can save that very full load of clothes.


  1. Let me just say: "UGH!"
    I hope you get it figured out. Let me know if you have an epiphany, because this stuff happens to everyone at least once in their lives!
    (I HOPE only once, anyway!!)

    We were thinking of you guys this morning:-)



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