Friday, June 13, 2008

Flag Day Lapbook

Happy Flag day everyone!
This week the kids did a unit study about Flag Day and the history of the flag. I decided that we would do only this for school this week and make a quick lapbook out of all we studied. Morgan asked me what a lapbook is. So I decided to post our Flag Day lapbooks to explain. Basically it is a file folder that is refolded to look like a miniature science fair project display board. Inside are mini-books and other projects that pertain to what you are studying. The kids learn so much more than if we were just reading a book and regurgitating info for a Q&A at the end. And they have a project that they are proud of that they can show others.
The Front of the book

The Inside of the book.
(I guess we could have done one or two more activities.)

Here are my favorite lapbook links. If you haven't tried lapbooking, I highly recommend you try it. We are also lapbooking Genesis but aren't finished with it yet. We have read through the tower of Babel and are starting on Abram. Each section of Genesis, I am finding something we can do for the lapbook for that section. I am finding that they are really learning the Bible in a way that many adults fail because they aren't just reading it, they are reinforcing it.

Simplest Lapbook Ever
Lapbooking by Jimmie
Homeschool Helper
Preschool Sunday School Bible Lapbooks
Lapbook Lessons - This is a member only site but membership is free. And you get to connect with other moms who do lapbooks with their kids.



  1. The Flag Day lapbook is GREAT!! :-) I know your children learned a lot. You probably did too! I always learn alongside Sprite!

  2. That is so neat! You'll have to post your Genesis lapbook when you're done. I'd love to see it! I'm definitely going to do the preschool lapbook with Judah. I know he'll love it. Thanks, Jamie!!

  3. Just stopping by to say hello, I hope you are doing well :)


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