Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Baking Friendship Bread

It is typically called Amish Friendship bread, though I prefer to call it Friendship Bread. What do you do with it? Well… a friend usually gives you a zip-top baggy with some bread starter in it and a recipe. Where did they get their starter? A friend gave it to them who got it from a friend who got theirs from a friend...
For ten days you squish the baggy to mix it and you add sugar, flour and milk half way through. When all is said and done, your one starter makes several starters. The starter is some combination of yeast, milk, sugar and flour but I do not know the exact amount to start a starter from nothing.
Why am I rambling on about bread starter? Because I was blessed with some and I love the bread it makes. So does my family. If you keep a starter each time you make it, you will be baking every 10 days. We love it so much I actually keep two starters for myself, and cook them both so we can have 4 loaves of very yummy bread. The recipe calls for a box of instant vanilla or chocolate pudding but I say you can do so much more than that with this bread. Even though the vanilla pudding is exceptionally good.

13 Things You Can Do With Friendship Bread Starter

1. Use 1 large box of butterscotch instant pudding instead of vanilla
2. Add 2 large over ripe bananas smashed to smithereens (omit the vanilla pudding or switch it out with banana)
3. Add 1 cup pumpkin purée (omit the pudding all together or they have pumpkin flavored)
4. Add 1 cup of raisins and 1 small diced apple (Maybe use pistachio flavored pudding)
5. Add 1 cup of chocolate chips or any chips and vary the pudding flavor to compliment
6. Add one cup of shredded carrot and maybe some raisins.
7. Add one cup of shredded zucchini (you will need to drain the extra liquid)
8. Use lemon pudding mix and add a couple tablespoons of poppy seeds (I would eliminate the cinnamon and maybe add some lemon zest for extra flavor)
9. Use one box of lemon pudding mix; add 1 cup of dried cranberries and some orange zest. (omit the cinnamon)
10. Add 1 or 2 cups of frozen blueberries.
11. Use one box cheesecake flavored instant pudding and add a cup or so of frozen raspberries. (Omit the cinnamon)
12. Bake it in a bundt pan instead of two loaf pans.
13. Use muffin tins instead of loaf pans.


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