Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Weblink Wednesday - Flag Day

June 14th is Flag Day. This week the kids and I are doing a lapbook on Flag Day and the Flag. I found some very cool resources while prepping for our unit study.

Our Flag (pdf) - This is a pdf book all about the flag. It is really cool and has been very fun to read even though it is over 50 pages. It is great if you want to print just a section or two about the flag.

Our Flag - This is the same as above only it is broken up into the different sections, in color and not a pdf.

Free Flag Lapbook - Homeschool Helper has a free lapbook resource on the flag.

American Color Pages - Friends Across America has several color pages relating to America.

For more great weblinks visit Homeschooling With Encouragement.



  1. Very cool! We will put this to good use. Love your blog background. Very pretty.

  2. Very nice links. I love that .pdf book. We need to do this as a unit sometime.

    As a teen I went to Girls' State, and they told us that you should never hold things (bulletins, programs, cokes) in your left hand while you are saluting the flag with your right. I have never seen this in any of the rules, but I think it is a nice suggestion.

  3. I didn't realize flag day was coming up! Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Awesome! I can't wait to add this to our list of weblinks! Thanks for participating in Weblink Wednesday this week.


  5. thanks for sharing!

    I am going to add these to my government/US symbols unit study. :)

  6. Hi Jamie, I think you've mentioned lapbooks before. What exactly are they?


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