Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My New 6 Year Old

Six years ago my Bella (it means beautiful in Italian) came into this world. I really cannot believe it has already been that long. The above picture is like a distant memory and yet it seems like yesterday all at the same time. I know that every mom knows what I am talking about. The picture above was taken when she was about 24 hours old. She weighed 10lbs 3oz.
We knew she was going to weigh no less than 9 pounds as the older two were over 9 pounds. So, we decided to break my water and jump-start labor a couple days after she was due so that I could have a chance of actually delivering without a c-section. 5 hours 45 minutes after my midwife broke my water I finally went into labor. The window was 6 hours so I was very excited when the contractions actually started. A few hours in, the contractions started changing to something I had never felt before. I remember trying to think about the other labors and pull from those memories if I had felt like that before and could not. I was so clear and with it for being in such pain I was amazed at myself. I convinced my midwife to check me again and I had actually gone from 8 cm to 7 cm! That was a new one to me but at that point with the contractions the way they were I was certain that I needed to go in for a c-section and give up the idea of having a normal delivery. (Brief history Little Man was a c-sec after he got stuck in the birth canal, and Princess K was a v-bac that resulted in tearing through the rectum - an experience I do not recommend) After they got her out in the operating room, the entire room was silent for the longest 15 seconds of my life. Then all at once everyone said, "Big Baby!" They weighed and measured her twice just to make sure. And then they had to run to pediatrics to get diapers that would fit her because newborns were just too small. I am so thankful for modern medicine. I can't remember her length but I do remember that her head was 36cm and her chest was 38 cm. If, I could have possibly pushed out her head I would have never been able to push out her shoulders. I am so glad that God kept me lucid and in control during her labor so that I could make a sound decision to let modern medicine take over.
Her first name means "grace" and her middle name means "joy" and she absolutely lives up to her name. When she was learning her letter H, she was so excited to know that her name began with H. Later that day, her Papa (grandpa) asked her who his girl was and she said, "I'm H!" She decided that was who she was and to this day, she answers to H.
It is amazing to me how fast the time flies by. I am so privileged to be her mommy.


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  1. Happy Birthday Miss Bella! I love you!

    J - You've done an amazing job for six years! I love you too!


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