Saturday, June 7, 2008

Summer Staycation

Have you heard of a "staycation" before? According to the Urban Dictionary, it is a vacation that is spent at home. I am a big fan of staycations. We take staycations all the time. For Daddy Reg's and my honeymoon, we stayed in town and enjoyed all of the little shops our downtown has. And we took walks in our park and just enjoyed being together. Last time we took a vacation we stayed in town with the kids and had a blast just staying home. I think it is so funny that some think this idea of a staycation is a new one. (I heard about this new term on the news yesterday.) I really dislike packing and making all of the preparations for leaving home, the unpacking and insane about of laundry upon returning. And then there is the cost of gas, food, lodging and any extras that occur. Really going on vacation is so much more stressful and expensive than a peaceful, stress free staycation. (Even when gas is at a more reasonable $2/gal.) Side note, do you remember when everyone freaked out over $2 gas?
So... What are you doing for your summer staycation?


1 comment:

  1. For my staycation, I'm birthin' a baby. Maybe next year...

    I liked your schedule post too!


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