Monday, July 28, 2008

A Peaceful Morning

You know how some of the simplest ideas are the best ideas? Okay most of the simplest ideas are the best. Anyway, one of the many wonderful workshops Daddy Reg and I went to at the homeschool conference this weekend was with Kendra Fletcher of Preschoolers and Peace. Her workshop was called Preschoolers, Preparation, and Peace. Both of us were so encouraged when we left. I was reminded of some things that I had done in the past that I should try again. I also learned new things that I can do to make life more peaceful.

When we started homeschooling Little Man was 4, Princess K was 3, and Miss H was 14 months old. I had learned through trial and error how to school with little ones underfoot but that was before Baby G (She has made me rethink everything I thought I knew about training little ones.). By the end of this year, I felt defeated. I was sure we did not progress as much as we should have through the year and I was wiped out. I know now what I am going to do differently.

Okay now the simple yet absolutely genius idea was this. Have 5 daily tasks that are done every morning. There are tasks we do every morning without order or consistency. There were mornings that the kids would not be dressed until almost lunch. Kendra talked about having 5 things (5 fingers/5 things) to do every morning. It just clicked that we needed to do that. Then hopefully mornings would become a little less crazy and not as drawn out as they have become.

This morning, Daddy Reg sat down with the kids and told them the plan. Then he put the list on paper so we could put them on the wall for a reminder. After we consoled Little Man, who had a melt down, (Change is not something he handles at all.) we put the plan to work. It was amazing to watch Little Man follow through with what we asked. He read the list, did the task, and went back to the list. He did not goof around or get distracted. He just focused on the list. Princess K is very scattered brained and is constantly forgetting what needs to be done. This helped her so much in knowing what needed to be done next. I love this idea and I know that next month, this will be such a habit because we are going to be consistently doing it every day. Thank you so much Kendra for imparting your practical tips to make life run more smoothly and peacefully.

Here is our list.
Daily Five
  1. Eat Breakfast/Drink Coffee
  2. Tidy Room - (bed, books, cups, clothes)
  3. Get dressed for the day
  4. Bathroom time - Brush teeth and hair.
  5. Pray for the day


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  1. So cool. I am encouragef to watch you get back to "Organized and less stressed" Mommy Reg. Seriously, I could see the difference just in the short time I visited today. You seemed "Ligther" if you know what I mean. It's awesome. Can't wait to see progress when homeschool kicks in full gear again!

    Love, love, love you!


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