Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dinner Conversation

Tonight our dinner conversation went something like this.

Mommy: Little Man can you tell me what makes up the muscular system?

Little Man: muscles, ligatures?

Mommy: Almost, ligaments. And one more thing, tendons.

Little Man: Oh yeah.

Mommy: What is the muscular systems job?

Little Man: Uh, movement and flexibility?

Mommy: Yes and one more thing.

Daddy: Why were you jumping up and down last night while we were outside?

Little Man: To get rid of energy?

Princess K: To produce heat. *grins*

Mommy: Yep. Princess K, can you tell me what makes up the nervous system?

Princess K: Nerves, brain and ummmmm

Daddy: What is inside your backbone?

Princess K: the cord.

Mommy: What's the name of the cord?

Princess K: The spinal cord.

Mommy: And what is the job of the nervous system?

Princess K: To tell the brain things.

Mommy: Information. Miss H, what makes up the integumentary system?

Miss H: Skin?

Mommy: Yes and what else? -- Daddy is point to his head and nails now.

Miss H: Daddy! NO cheating! Ummm hair?

Princess K: And nails.

Mommy: K, I am asking H

Princess K: Oh sorry.

Miss H: What is the job of the integumentary system?

Miss H: To keep germs out.

I love homeschooling.


  1. Wow! You have some smart kids, Jamie!!

  2. Woo-hoo!!!! They are catching on my dear. :)
    Love those type of conversations.

  3. I am smiling because I can envision this whole conversation! *smile* That is SO very cool!


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