Tuesday, November 11, 2008

kreative blogging

Morgan tagged me for the Kreative Blogger Award Meme. Which is a good thing as I have been slacking on my blogging lately and my blog reading for that matter. Don’t hate me bloggy friends, I am just a tad bit stretched thin and will be back to commenting soon. (I hope)

1. what i did before: I made midnight runs to WalMart with my roommate to get items to redecorate our apartment-and say hi to Daddy Reg (though then he was “the man I am going to marry” Reg) I nannied two amazing little boys who are now adults. (Wow, I am old!) Those two amazing boys walked me down the aisle. ahhh memories. I digress, so I also coordinated childcare for a rather large women’s ministry in town and was a preschool teacher. Went to college but never finished. Got my EMT certification and worked at an elderly residential. Okay none of that was in order. Where is my brain today. Oh well, I guess you get the point.

2. what i do now: I keep my home and make it a safe haven for my family. I help and support my husband in everyway possible. I am raising up young people who love the Lord and are learning what it means to be reckless abandoned to Christ. I am raising up young women who will be amazing wives and a young man who will be a perfect gentlemen to his future wife. Oh, and I also home teach these young minds everyday. I cook, clean, sew, blog (of course) and pour into moms and young women whenever I get a chance.

3. what i'd like to do: get a full night of uninterrupted sleep, learn how to quilt, knit, and anything else I haven’t learned. grow in my walk with my Savior and become more reckless abandoned to Christ. See the lost and hurting come to know the amazing love of their Creator.

4. what attracts me to my husband: my husband is my best friend. I am attracted by his commitment to his family both his parents and siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles… and to me his wife and his kids. when we met he was ripped - he was working for a roofing company - yeah, I was attracted to that.

5. favorite foods: coffee, chocolate, my father-in-laws spaghetti, polenta, homemade bread, biscuits (with gravy, jam, honey, butter…) cookies, donuts, tea, and bubble tea, homemade tortillas, pumpkin pie just to name a few… I love food.

6. what i say most often: “Where’s the baby?” “I need you to focus.” “I need coffee.” “I love you.”

So... for tagging, I am going to not tag because it is way too late and I should have been in bed hours ago. If you want to do this meme, consider yourself tagged. And comment me so I can be sure to read yours.


  1. I love biscuits too! I miss bread in general! Carbs are not my friend. I can't have them in moderation. I love them too much. We also share a love of baking. I hope to make all my kids birthday cakes from scratch. I made Ethan's 1st B-day cake with my folks but when we went down south we bought a Costco cake cause there were 50 of Marcus family members there and I'm not that good! I hope you enjoyed your pumpkin latte today and are having a more relaxing week! Take time to rest in the Lord!

  2. I think we are twins. So much in common. You deserve it! Congrats! :)

  3. Sorry my six pack went away.. But you are partially responsible for that since keep me so well fed. My metabolism slowing down didn't have anything to do with it.


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