Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Weblink Wednesday - Thanksgiving Lapbooks and Activities

I stumbled upon some cool Mayflower stuff looking for more ideas for our Thanksgiving unit and lapbook we are doing.

First, here are the resources I found for the lapbooks. I am pulling from different sites and using what will work for the kids grade levels. (4th, 3rd, and 1st)

I am using this Thanksgiving Lapbook page and the free lapbook from Lilliput Station to make our Thanksgiving Lapbook. I am also using some elements from Cranberry Thanksgiving Lapbook. (I was going to get the book from the library but it was checked out until December.)

Here are the Mayflower sites and activities.

Mayflower History is a treasure trove of Mayflower information.
Mayflower Math is a really neat activity where you use math to draw the Mayflower.
Mayflower Compact Lesson Plan has a copy of the words of the Mayflower compact and some ideas of how to use it in a lesson.
Scholastic's First Thanksgiving has some cool stuff to do.

Also, here are some fun Thanksgiving Crafts if you need some ideas. A freind of mine made the turkey nut holders with her kids and they had a lot of fun.

For more great weblinks, visit Homeschooling With Encouragement.


  1. Mommy Reg: Those are great links. Maya is making the Lilliput Thanksgiving Lapbook this week! You are the one who shared that great website with us!! :)

  2. Thanks for the links! I'm off to explore. :)

  3. How neat is that Mayflower math! Great links!

    Hope those Cranberry Bliss bars work for you! They aren't identical, but are close enough for me.


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