Monday, December 1, 2008

Tomato Picking

Today, I went out to my little plot of ground (an all 1 foot by 4 foot section) and assessed my tomato plants which are still thriving. Then I picked tomatoes! Red ripe tomatoes on the 1st of December. Now, the season where I am from is June through October and I have read that commercial production here lasts until November. I am never that lucky to get tomatoes in November.
This year the plants I planted are full of green tomato clusters. In July and September, we had a modest harvest not anything to talk about and I was pretty bummed. My sister in law had a huge tomato harvest. I was resolving myself to the fact that where we live right now, gardening isn't going to be that successful we have too much shade. Today was a pleasant surprise. Here are the tomatoes I picked today, on the 1st of December.
They were tasty too.


  1. They look beautiful and yummy! What a blessing to have fresh ripe tomatoes this time of year!

  2. That is SO cool. I don't think you told me that! VERY nice!

  3. NO WAY!

    That is AWESOME!!

    I missed good-tasting tomatoes this year. There is no place like California for loads of fresh vegetables and fruit!

    Way to go:-)


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