Monday, April 13, 2009

Ressurection Weekend - Lots of Pictures.

We were super busy for Resurrection weekend this year. On Friday, our church held a Passover dinner. This was slightly different than a traditional Passover – aside from the fact that Passover started on the 8th. It was presented in a way that showed how Christ is in the elements of the Passover. It was awesome to see how the Passover was a foretelling of the Messiah. The middle Matzo is broken in half (this is the bread that Jesus broke.) wrapped in a white linen and hidden until it is found at the end of the meal. It is called the Afikoman that means “I arrive” or “I come” in both the Greek and Hebrew. The third (There are four total.) cup of wine (grape juice in our case) is the Cup of Redemption. That is the cup that Jesus said is his blood. I know that I will never look at Communion the same again. If you ever have the opportunity to go to a Passover where Christ is presented, you must really go. The kids were responsible for part of the food. They made a Matzo Apple Kugel for the dinner. It is sort of like a casserole of Matzo, apples and cranberries. The kids had tons of fun.

Saturday we dyed eggs as is a tradition in our house. Little G dyed eggs for the first time this year and she did so great! She didn’t spill the cups of dye, or break the eggs.
Sunday, we of course went to church. We picked up where we left off on Friday night and service was awesome. I have no doubt that from the beginning of time, Jesus was plan A and not a backup plan because of Adam's sin. God's love for us is so vast and immeasurable that no one can comprehend fully what he did for us.


  1. What a great celebration you had! Love the pics.

  2. What great pictures! Your kids are so darling and cute.
    It sounds like you had an awesome and wonderful Easter.

  3. What a special Easter! We dyed eggs (I finally remembered) but no one felt really great, so it was more of a chore than fun...even for the little boys. They just weren't into it.


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