Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Introducing This Year's Homeshcool Class

This post is a week late for the Not Back to School Blog Hop happening over and Heart of the Matter Online (and I completely missed School Room week) but I am going to post it anyway.

One of the most enjoyable things about homeschooling is the fact that you get to teach several different ages at the same time. I know, to some, that sounds crazy but I love the challenge it presents and I think of the school teachers of old who taught all the grades in a one room school. But the way we do our school day makes teaching such diverse ages and learning styles works well for me.

 This is my Little Man, he is my 6th grader this year. His favorite subjects are history and geography, especially US History. He loves learning about how this country was founded and what our forefathers intended when this country was still being molded. He, at a very early age, recognized the importance of knowing where we have been and learning from our mistakes so we can make wise choices in the future. At the age of 7 he got very mad that he was not allowed to vote because he wasn't old enough. I know that as he gets older political science will also be in the category of his favorite subjects.

This is Princess K, my 5th grader. We call her Princess because she loves all things pink and pretty. She is my artist. There seems to always be a little project she is working on somewhere in the house. This week, she is making her own kite out of paper and sticks she found outside. Last week she made her own fishing pole and fish game. Her walls are covered in her little masterpieces. I have learned a lot from her over the years, her brain is the complete opposite of mine and she has made me learn how to think outside the box. She thinks in pictures and I think in numbers and patterns. I have learned a lot over the years about teaching someone who thinks completely differently than I do.

Miss H is in 3rd grade this year. I really can't believe that she is in 3rd grade already. Really, it seems like just yesterday I was giving her busywork to keep her occupied while I worked with the older kids. But she is one of the older kids and can hold her own with them. Out of all my kiddos she is the most like me in the way her brain works. She loves math and reading, I love math and reading too. She loves to do extra school work just to do it.

And last but not least, Little G. My bundle of energy, in fact, her nickname is "EnerG" because she just goes and goes and goes until she crashes. Little G is officially in preschool this year. I don't believe that a child needs formal schooling at this age but she wants to be like the big kids so she is getting some formal instruction as she asks for it. She loves counting and reciting her alphabet. And she also loves shapes. The other day she asked for a color-page with a, "circle, triangle and hexagon" - yep she asked for shapes, go figure. I am excited to do some fun preschool activities with her that I stashed away from my preschool teacher days. It's going to be a fun year with her.

Oh, and there should be a picture of the teacher (that's me) in here too. And a photo of the principal of course.

Here is Daddy Reg overseeing our PE time. He is the principal of our little school and if we have a bad school day, whoever needs the extra guidance gets to see the principle for a heart to heart. We both strongly believe that having both of us completely involved in the education of our children is what makes a successful homeshool. He is the head of our little school and I would have it no other way.

Here I am giving Little G a cooking lesson. We are making homemade tortillas. (If you have never had a fresh homemade tortilla you have not lived a full life. I'm just saying.)
I was looking for a recent picture of me teaching and this is the only one I found. I love cooking with my kiddos, it is a life skill that will serve them well all their life no matter what they choose to do when they grow up.

Here they are, my class. Teaching them is always a joyful challenge and we all look forward to what God has in store for us this year. I know that this year will be a fun year full of challenges and successes.

During the month of August, Heart of the Matter Online is hosting a Not Back to School Blog Hop. Week 1 was Curriculum week, if you want you can see my curriculum post by clinking here. Week 2 was School Room Week and Week 3 was Student Photo Week. I will post this week's theme on Friday. A Day-in-the-Life Week.


  1. Oh your family is adorable and I love seeing Mr. Meg for the 1st time. LOL! I have a sixth grader this year also.

  2. So fun! I am finally catching up on your blog. Hard to believe Miss H, was just doing busy work for school when I met you! Where has this time gone. Wow! Love you and am praying for an awesome school year.


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