Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sweet Shot - Praying Mantis

I have a growing appreciation for the bug world. I love taking up close and personal pictures of these little creatures. My garden has been invaded by the bug world. Many of those bugs are not beneficial to my veggies I really want them to move out. I can't seem to convince them though. Seems my garden is a five star buggy resort.

So, when I find great bug predators like this baby praying mantis, it makes me happy. I know that this little one will be eating some of those pesky invaders in my garden. Welcome little mantis, have a buggy time with the smorgasbord of bugs awaiting you in my veggies.

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  1. Ooooh - my grandkids and I are having fun "observing" insects for their school work. I love my easy to use digital camera, but a 4x zoom is the best I can go - I suspect you are using an awesome zoom like a friend of mine has. :) I'll have to show these to my grandkids!!! :)

  2. Lovin that sweet shot! I loved it when we had mantises and stick bugs.

  3. Very cool and creepy captures:) I need a few of these my way!

  4. Thanks ladies. I love taking pictures like this for the kids to use during school time.


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