Saturday, October 16, 2010



We are already halfway through October! Wait what?!? When did that happen? Where have I been? Seriously? No joke, this month for me has just been a blur. We're not busy traveling or doing a lot of crazy fun activities or anything, but it has still just been a blur. I really cannot believe we are a month into fall arlready. Fall weather/October for us usually means we aren't in the 100's and 90's anymore but this year it hasn't been so. (Though it is considerably cooler today with a high of 82) Maybe that's why I don't feel like it is fall and we are in the midst of October.

We haven't done any fun fall activities like in the past. No cool leaf designs, or acorn people. Nope, we have done nothing of the sort.  In fact I didn't even think of it until yesterday. Where has my head been this month?

Heck even a walk in the park shows virtually no sign of fall here. *sigh* Fall... oh Fall... where are you? Come out and play for a bit okay?

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