Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ladybugs Lots and Lots of Ladybugs

Little G asked to do a Ladybug Lapbook a couple of weeks ago. So I obliged by finding The Grouchy Ladybug Lapbook at Homeschool Share and checking out some ladybug books at the library. We only did 2 elements of the lapbook but that was all G wanted to do. However, this past weekend, we were so excited when we found ladybugs all over our grape vines. We got even more excited when we discovered that they were hatching and molting and going through all the metamorphic stages that a ladybug goes through from egg to adult.
I of course had my camera handy to capture this very cool homeschool moment when the words on the page become life and we get to witness what we have read. I love it when they get to learn "hands on" and really solidify that knowledge. The kids have been studying them the past few days really getting an understanding of everything.

At first ladybugs are so ugly and look like worms with legs almost. Really not pretty at all. Then they slowly change and shed their exoskeleton to where they have just a soft shell with no spots. Then after a few hours that shell hardens and their spots appear which makes them so pretty. Their metamorphosis reminds me of how we are in Christ. We are new creations that start out like the ugly larva and turn into a new creation like the beautiful adult ladybug. Something that really struck me is that when they first emerge and their shell is soft and just one color, they are pretty defenseless. It reminds me of how we are when we are young in Christ. We are vulnerable because we haven't grown strong in our faith yet. I love it when God shows me His great design in His creation.

Hi Mr. Ladybug, how about a closeup? Isn't he so cool? I love bugs... well... cute bugs anyway. And bugs that help my garden grow.

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  1. Well I learned something today! I didn't know much of anything about ladybugs!

  2. We've talked about this before, my kids and I, but your pictures just caused us to do another mini homeschool lesson. And my 13 year old son loved how you likened it to the Christian walk. Great post.


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