Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mommy Time

What do you do for Mommy Time? I enjoy taking my camera outside and just take pictures of what I see. I love being alone in my thoughts while I take in God's creation all around me. If you take the time to notice, you will be amazed by what you can see. It is a way for me to get some quiet time with God too. When I go out expecting God to show me something even the smallest something, He does.

I can't sit and have a "quiet time", doing nothing and listen for God. My mind wanders through my list of things left to do and what still needs to be taken care of. But if I go out with my camera, I seem to be able to move all of those thoughts to the back of my mind and allow God to minister to me. Sometimes just a verse pops into my head, other times it's an object lesson with the ant that catches my attention. I get so much more from taking pictures than just a pretty photo.

Most of the time, as a mom, we can find ourselves constantly going and going, not really slowing down enough to see what is around us. And while there are many things I enjoy doing like blogging, sewing, crocheting and knitting, baking, gardening or reading a good book; going outside with my camera in hand to take pictures of what is around me is one of my most favorite ways to unwind and get myself back in focus. For me, time seems to almost stop, I can go out for a couple minutes or a couple hours and it all seems the same to me. But when I come inside I feel so refreshed and ready to take on the challenges that face me.

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