Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Adventure in Nature

Yesterday was a beautiful warm summer day. It was 93 degrees and we decided that it would be fun to go for a nature walk in the park and then throw rocks in the creek. Sounded harmless enough right? It turned into a crazy adventure.

First, the park was packed with people and every little bank to the creek seemed to be occupied with people.
After a while we decided to find a spot on the other side of the park than we were on so we walked back to the car so we could go to the other side of the park. While we were walking Little G's flip flop strap broke. So she ended up on Daddy Reg's shoulders. She was fine for a while then she decided she really wanted to walk and completely fell apart. It took a few minutes to get her calmed down but then she was fine by the time we reached the car.
Then we went to the other side of the park which ended up being equally packed. Everyone (and their cousin's best friend's uncle's nephew) had the same idea to enjoy the sunny day enjoying the water. I could not believe how many people were at the park. We finally found a nice little spot to enjoy the creek and at least throw rocks, it was a bit deeper and the current was swift so we decided playing in the water wasn't going to happen.
While the kids were throwing rocks, Princess K went to the edge to get her feet wet (totally fine we were all doing that) and her flip flop fell off. She jumped in to rescue it but the current was faster than she realized and the shoe was on it's way down the creek. She stopped following when she realized it wasn't safe and Little Man came to the rescue and caught her shoe a bit down stream. Princess K was soaked and so upset she had almost lost her flip flop. We got her calmed down and then came home.

I made homemade pitas and we had chicken gyros for dinner. 

Here are two of my favorite pictures from yesterday.

Daddy Reg and Little man enjoying nature. They were watching a show on the ipod.

A blue dragon fly I played chase with trying to get close enough to take a picture.

Today it's pouring rain and the high is supposed to be 68. It's the exact opposite of yesterday. Glad we chose yesterday for our adventure.

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  1. How neat, I've never seen a blue dragon fly!

    Love it...

    Hope you're having a great day!

  2. I definitely loved the dragonfly shot...Have an awesome week!

  3. Your adventure was sweet and that picture is awesome.

    Shoes happen to be the beginning of much adventure in our house too for some reason. Go figure.


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