Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Happy First Day of Summer!

I love summer weather. I love that we get so many wonderful fresh fruits and veggies. If you have never eaten something within seconds of being picked, you just haven't lived. And for that I am deeply truly sorry. Because the amazing taste and smell of something fresh picked and then immediately eaten is bliss. This morning, after I watered my produce section (aka the garden)

I spied some apricots just waiting to be picked. I decided they had waited long enough so I picked one and ate it. Apricots from the store have no taste compared to one straight off the tree. We have a plum tree filled with little green plums, I can't wait until they are ripe. I love fruit trees. We have several and I really want to add more to our collection.

The garden is taking off finally and aside from my battle with the critters that like my tomato plants (I've planted 18 and I only have 3 left.) it is flourishing.

The purple snap beans are starting to blossom. I am so excited about these, we planted green, white and purple beans this year. It's so cool to have more than just green beans. When they are steamed and buttered, laying on the plate they look so pretty and taste delish.

The pumpkins are growing well and I anticipate some great sugar pumpkins come the fall. Here they are soaking up the sun after enjoying a fresh shower this morning. I can't wait until fall when I can cook up some fresh pumpkin for pie, and pancakes, and bread and muffins. We love pumpkin here, if you couldn't guess.

The bees are everywhere this year. And they are more aggressive than last year, which means I haven't been able to take nearly as many pictures of them. I love bees, I have probably taken close to a thousand pictures of them in just the past year and a half. Bees are truly amazing.

I have some volunteer flowers that are growing in my garden this year.
We have morning glories everywhere along the pathways.

We have a section of giant sunflowers again this year. Several are volunteers but then we planted some more too. I love sunflowers, they are amazing. They are just starting to form their blooms. This one is facing the morning sun soaking in all its hot rays.

And there you have it, a quick tour of my garden on the first day of summer.
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