Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Decorating

Christmas decorating has taken longer than usual this year to the point that there are a few things I still have to put out this week. Normally I pull out the decorations and deck the house out the week after Thanksgiving, but this year it has taken a bit longer than usual. That’s okay though; the kids have been having lots of fun helping me get everything looking all Christmassy. I love pulling out the decorations each year and finding those forgotten treasures. It is kind of like meeting up with long lost friends.

The first thing out every year is Jingle. He is our little Christmas bear. He hides around the house waiting for the kids to find him. The kids love this bear.

We started the tradition a long time ago and it is one of the things the kids look forward to. Every year it gets harder and harder to find spots that the kids won’t find him right away which makes a fun challenge for mommy too.

I love this snowman. Isn’t he so cute? I won him at a Christmas party several years ago and he quickly became one of my favorite decorations to pull out every year. I actually even put him away last since he is a snowman and snowmen fit in very well with the winter season not just Christmas.

Christmas is the one time during the year that I have candy everywhere in the house. There are so many yummy treats to eat during the holidays. One of my favorite is spice gum drops. When I turned three, my mom made me a snowman birthday cake decorated with gum drops. I remember that cake and now gum drops are something that make me smile.

There are still a few finishing touches here and there and the kids are each making a nativity scene for display. We have lots of crafts and baking to do, presents to make and wrap. And our Advent activities to help us keep our perspective and focus on Jesus, the reason we celebrate at all. It is always fun to spend the last month of the year celebrating all that God has done and all that God will do in the coming year.

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  1. These are all so pretty, and I do love that snowman♥

  2. fantastic, your photos are so light! and beautiful bokeh!

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