Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Leaning Tree

I am in the early stages of putting away the Christmas decorations. It is such a bittersweet moment for me. All of the memories made, and fun that was had is now over and a new beginning is here. I find myself lingering every year, just wanting to keep everything out just a bit longer, but alas I know it cannot be. I must lovingly wrap up each item and store it away for 11 months until next Christmas season.

This year’s memories include all of the kids making their own Nativity Scene to put up in the house. We had one by the tree, one on the chest in the living room, one on the dining room wall and one in the media/play room. I love that pretty much anywhere you were you would see a reminder of why we as a family celebrate the season.

Our tree this year did not fall over as it did last year. For this I am so thankful. However it is leaning about 12 precarious degrees forward. It started out straight when we put it up. But every day it seemed to tilt just a little bit more than the day before. As I have been nervously watching the tree God keeps reminding me how easy it is for us to tilt in our walk with God, losing our focus on what is important. Just like it is so easy to lose focus during the craziness of the Christmas season.

I have been reflecting back on all the festivities of this past Christmas season examining how well we kept our focus on the Lord and all that is important in the midst of all of the fun activities and presents. For us, we have several gift-giving sessions with all of the family. When you have a large family, getting everyone together is almost a miracle in itself. In the middle of the packages and ribbons and bows with all of the oohing and aahing, did the focus tilt? That is where I am right now.
Every year, I want the focus to be on Christ. Why He came, and what He did and how important that is. I think we did really well not losing focus and I am praying that next year will be even better.

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