Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Recent conversations between a mommy and her five year old…

- Mommy I want to make my own lunch. I’ll put on the ingredients and then you cut it okay?
- Okay Sweetie.
       She pulls out two butter knives; one for the jelly and one for the peanut butter.
- It’s easier with two knives.


- Mommy does cheese come from milk?
- Yes G, it does.
- Then we can make our own cheese and put it in the “frigator” and we can have yummy fresh cheese whenever we want.


- Mommy we can make our own Cheetos. (A rare and special treat in our house.)
- How can we do that G?
- We can cut carrots into sticks and put them in the oven. Then take them out and sprinkle cheese on top.
- Carrots? Why carrots?
- Well, carrots are orange like Cheetos.

I love how her little brain works.

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  1. I for one think your little one has perfect logic. Love the spirit from your photo.

  2. Hahaa... that is one adorable conversation! I LOVE this shot, so full of life, & one happy little girl!


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