Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I love the conversations I have when my munchkins are little. The way their little brains process information is so cute. Last night, while discussing the dinner menu, Little G and I had a little conversation about potatoes.
-I want 'tatoes for dinner.

-We had 'tatoes for lunch sweetie.

-No we didn't, we had French fries.

-But French fries are potatoes.

-No they aren't.

-Yes G French fries are just cut up potatoes.

-No… well maybe they have a pinch of 'tatoe in them but they are not rege'ar (regular) 'tatoes 'cause they have lines in them. Can we have 'tatoes for dinner? Mash 'tatoes. I love tatoes.

We had garlic mashed potatoes with our chicken for dinner. How can one possibly say no to this level of cuteness?

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  1. Precious! I love her facial expressions!!

  2. Ok...I need a print of this collage. Seriously. That's my G!


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