Friday, February 17, 2012

P52 - True Love

The theme for this week’s photography challenge is: True Love. So many different pictures popped into my head of what I could do. But when it came down to it, I had already posted two photos revolving around coffee.

The Kiss Sandwich

We have a tradition in our family called a Kiss Sandwich. Mommy and Daddy kiss a little one at the same time making a sandwich.

It all started when my oldest was a baby. We would kiss him at the same time and tell him it was a kiss sandwich. Even now that he is so much older, if he sees us kissing, he asks for a sandwich. We are always happy to oblige knowing that someday in the near future he will be to "old" for that kind of stuff. I am not looking forward to that day. In fact it seems like just yesterday he was a baby and yet in a few months he will officially hit...


Noooo not my sweet little baby!

I will take all the Kiss Sandwiches I can give out while the Littles are small enough to enjoy them.

One day in the hopefully distant future they will no longer be asking for a sandwich and that makes me a bit sad.

This is True Love to me. I love my Honey and my Littles and well not so Littles more than any words can ever come close to describing.

This post is linked to P52 Photography Challenge with Darcy and My 3 Boybarians.


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