Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Baking Goodies

This past week and weekend I baked. A. Whole. Lot. Our church had an event with a movie theme and I volunteered to be in charge of desserts. I did have a little help but still, I made way more desserts than one should without a professional kitchen. I love baking and cooking. I love creating new things in the kitchen and I love to experiment and see what happens. I really love it when those experiments actually work.

The first thing I did was started to brainstorm and pin ideas on Pinterest. Then I started to refine those ideas and create the recipes that would work best for what I needed. As we needed desserts for 150 people, I knew I could not do it alone, so I got a few people to help out. Some very wonderful ladies in my life helped with the cake pops and the brownies. I got to spend the evening with a good friend and bake cupcakes and decorate cookies. And some others helped me get the final touches on at the event.

In the end we ended  up with a lot of fun desserts and basically none left over. It was so fun and exhausting all at the same time. I love baking and I am sure I wouldn't love it as much if I did it for a living.

These were probably my favorite. Shirley Temple Cupcakes. I got the idea from Simply Gluten-Free and then tweaked it a bit to my liking. I also made both a gluten free and a regular version of this very yummy cupcake. It really was like a Shirley Temple in a cupcake, I am making these again very very soon. Especially since I have a jar full of maraschino cherries waiting to be devoured.

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