Tuesday, June 26, 2012


This last week's theme for the Project 52 Photography Challenge was Fathers. I am blessed to have a husband who is an amazing father. He makes a point to spend time just talking with the kiddos with no strings attached. The relationship he has formed and is strengthening is evident whenever you watch him interact with them.

 And even more so when you watch them interact with him.

 A few nights a week, Daddy goes to work at Little G's bedtime. She loves to make sure that Daddy has all his gear and that he stays safe, has his food, drink, hat, shoes, phone... the checklist varies from night to night but the whole process of sayng good bye and good night takes about 10 minutes. Then she runs out the door yelling, Good bye! I love you!" at the top of her lungs as he is walking to the car. It is truley and absolutely adorable to see how much she loves her daddy.

As my littles become bigs I love watching the relationship change. The conversations get harder and the bonds become stronger. I am excited to see how the relationship changes as they become adults and have their own children. 

This post is linked to Sweet Shot Tuesday and Project 52 with Kent Weakley.

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