Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Glue And Little Ones

If you have ever tried to do crafts with little ones you know things can get messy before you have time to realize what is happening.

Over the years I have accumulated little tricks that make crafting easier. Here is one tip for you to use when using glue.

I did this all the time when I was teaching preschool. And I still use this trick every time we break out the glue.

 Save the lids to margarine, sour cream and other containers.

Turn the lid upside down and squeeze the glue onto the lid.

This way you don't use more than you really need.

Let the kids "paint" the glue onto the project with q-tips.

When you are finished with the project, let the glue dry on the lid then peel off the dried glue and throw it away. Saving the lid for next time. You will find that the q-tips come unraveled during use, just replace it as needed. Toss all of them when you are done.

This saves you a huge mess of glue when you are finished, especially if your little ones do not realize just how strong they are. Believe me, you do not want to clean up that mess.

I originally wrote this post in 2008. Sadly no one was reading my blog back then so, this wonderfully awesome tip (if I do say so myself) was just floating out there lonely and needing some love. I decided to participate in the #goinggreen link up with The Mommy Mess and recycle one of my best missed posts.


  1. Oh that's smart letting it dry like that. I would have totally thrown it away. We use paint brushes a lot with glue.

    1. Anything to keep the squeeze bottles out of a little ones strong hands. :)


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